Bridesmaid Proposals

I decided to have a little fun when asking my ladies to be in my bridal party, I made them all personalized gift bags with a journal, a card with proposal, bracelets, and fortune cookies.



The fortune cookies are my favorite part, I bought them in bulk and convinced my fiancé to ask our favorite Chinese place for some takeout containers.  I unwrapped them and dipped them in chocolate, rolled them in sprinkles, and let them harden.  I put five in each container with a paper cookie that I made with a nonsense fortune inside.  It was very sweet and the reactions were priceless, it’s giving me some great momentum for more wedding planning!

The bracelets were a process in themselves, the main issue I had to overcome was a one size fits all option.  I decided to use some stretchy string on one side and leather on the other.  It became easier to put on and kept the bead strands in a random wrapped pattern.


Shred November

Took advantage of a beautiful New England morning to skate in Prospect.  It’s a lot of fun even though I spend my time going in circles, but I get to snap some good action shots of my manimal. Here’s a few keepers from the day..