Holiday Decorations and gifting 

With a wedding coming up and our hopes to buy a house immediately after I’ve decided to DIY and salvage as many decorations as I could this year. Found a bunch of rolls of lights and ornaments and had a lot of fun (and coffee).



For my future husband; I came across the wishbones from the first Cornish game hens I cooked for him and seashells from the day he proposed to me.  I made them into keepsakes, he had a similar idea for me, he collected and bottled sand from the day he proposed.  Am I lucky or what??

For my mother; I dug through her attic and found a huge amount of photos sitting in a box, beautiful pictures of her on trips to Montana, St. Lucia, and California.  I assembled them into an album that started with pictures of her on her wedding day and gifted that to my parents.  She actually had a similar idea and created a beautiful photo collage of our special trips to California and North Carolina.

We had a lot of fun decorating, mainly adding holiday flair to our every day home décor, ornaments to my bromeliad, lights onto our vine plant, etc.

Woke up to a note from my fiancé on the 26th (he had already left for work) that read simply “BEST CHRISTMAS EVER”.  I would have to agree.

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