Creamy vegan sweet potato soup

Came home from the store the other day and realized I bought a second pound of sweet potatoes and hadn’t even touched the first! What a bummer…unless you love creamy root vegetable soups.


One pound sweet potatoes, cubed

One large yellow onion

One cup almond milk

Bay leaf

Four cups vegetable stock



Olive Oil

Cinnamon; ground for garnish


Heat oil in a large soup pot on medium heat

Sauté onion and bay leaf until browned and caramelized

                (I set half aside to add in at the end so I had some whole pieces of onion that were never blended which was nice because they actually melt in your mouth)

Add sweet potato and vegetable stock

Boil until potato is fork tender

Transfer in batches to blender or processer, blend until smooth

Transfer back to cooking pot

Add almond milk and bring back to a boil, reduce to simmer

Ready to serve; sprinkle cinnamon over top

Can be stored in the fridge for a few days

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