Vegan Alfredo Sauce (over peas and noodles obvi)

I was looking for a creamy sauce to mimic alfredo that I could eat with a spoon (I mean pour over real food), after some experimenting here’s what happened.


Rice and quinoa noodles with vegan alfredo sauce and peas, because broccoli is played out (not sorry)

¼ cup fat of choice (I use olive oil)

¼ cup flour

8 cloves of garlic, minced (It sounds like too much as I write it down, but for the sake of reducing salt intake I up my flavors quite a bit)

2 ½ cups almond milk

PINCH of salt (I really can’t help it)

Many turns of pepper

Note: because this sauce is so fatty theres lots of potential to burn, it needs to be watched and stirred gently and consistently throughout cooking.  I find it’s a perfect assignment for my tiniest or most inexperienced helpers.


While making the sauce, cook pasta according to package instructions

Get your helper and ingredients prepared, things move quickly with white sauce!

Get your medium sauce pot out and on the stove

Oil in on medium heat, let it melt

Add garlic and cook until golden

                Keep a close eye, burnt garlic ruins the entire dish without an effective fix

Add flour and mix until it combines completely

I like to toast it a little extra, browning the flour a bit, in gravies that gives a little more flavor and I assume the same concept applies.

Add almond milk and bring up to a boil

Reduce and simmer until the sauce begins sticking to the spoon and the side of the pan

Add peas to cooked, drained, rinsed pasta and toss

Add sauce to pasta pea mixture

Serve immediately, stores in the fridge but heat gradually if using rice quinoa pasta, it turns into a brick

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