The Elusive Lady Slipper


I knew there were many varieties of orchids, but I had no idea there were sub categories as well with an amazing span of beauty and characteristics.


I’ve always been a fan of orchids, possibly because they’re supposedly hard to maintain, something I relate to.  This past summer I became obsessed with finding an orchid in the wild in Connecticut. Something I thought impossible, especially considering the extinction CT orchids like the lady slipper are facing.


On a walk with the man of my dreams the other day I came upon a vibrant lady slipper, sitting off to the side of the trail among fallen leaves.  We had stopped to sip water and I happened to look over and see this rare flower, I couldn’t believe it.  We took many pictures and continued exploring, we will go to the Airline Trail again very soon!


It is illegal to uproot or otherwise destroy a lady slipper, take pictures and leave it be.



Image result for Cypripedium arietinum

Cypripedium arietinum


This resilient slipper can be found in most of Canada, New England, and the Great Lakes area.  It is commonly referred to as the Ram’s Head Lady Slipper.

Image result for Cypripedium californicum

Cypripedium californicum


Often found in clumps or groups, this lady slipper has been known to hold up twenty one flowers on its single stem.

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