Sunday Morning at Harvest Moon

Even at 8am on a Sunday, the streets of Chester are full and boisterous. There’s excitement in the air as the vendors set up for their weekly Farmer’s Market, one tent is completely devoted to exotic mushrooms, another to goat cheese.  I’m not here for the market today though, I’m here for the yoga.

Harvest Moon is a progressive design powerhouse located at 1 Main St. Chester CT and has been referred to as “the heart of Chester”.  The store isn’t about stuff, it’s about community.  Every piece in the store is locally and responsibly sourced, new artists are featured monthly on the walls, and the owners are usually barefoot.  Kids play, adults collaborate, a community develops.  Erica Sunshine and Adam Pipkin have created a fun space in Chester to visit and experience a fresh perspective on what it means to be a small business.

On Market Days, Erica and Adam host a yoga class with a wonderful instructor, everyone is welcome, all levels of practice are encouraged.  I did my best to keep up and was rewarded with one of Adam’s famous juices.  It was a beautiful Sunday morning and I can’t wait to do it again.

You may notice similarities between Erica Sunshine and myself, I’m proud to say she’s my sister. Erica is committed to bringing out the best in everyone, especially the best of Chester.


Crispy Tofu – Every Time!

Tofu with an audible crunch, what could be better?



Two packages of tofu

Sunflower Seed Oil (enough to keep bottom of pan covered)

Corn Starch



Heat oil on medium heat until water skids across the top

Cut tofu into cubes or strips or sticks

Pour 1/4 cup of cornstarch into plastic zip lock bag

Add tofu pieces, seal, shake until all sides of the tofu coated

Add tofu to hot oil in batches, leave enough room to easily turn each individual piece (three batches)

Remove when golden on all sides to paper towel covered plate to drain

Serve it up!  We cooked cauliflower in a tika masala sauce and added the tofu on top.