Zombie Mouse Crochet

I came across an adorable Frankenstein bear the other day and was inspired to make my own! Of course I’m not the type to follow a pattern so I realized my FrankenBear was quickly becoming a Zombiemouse.  No worries,  it still came out cute!


The brain was straightforward to me, I essentially made a small cup with the pink yarn.  I then slip stitched right down the middle to give it a divide in the  middle and an indentation.  Next I single crocheted in zigzags on both sides, giving more texture and bulges.  Pretty brain like for yarn!



The body was simple and in the round, I added black stitching for detail.  The feet are crocheted in the round, but I wanted to make little fingers for his hands so I single crocheted in a chain and added the fingers on the ends by doing small chains and slip stitching back.  The only way to hide the ends of yarn was to tie them directly to the body, therefore the arms don’t move.


So in the end the bear became a mouse and I love it.