Zombie Mouse Crochet

I came across an adorable Frankenstein bear the other day and was inspired to make my own! Of course I’m not the type to follow a pattern so I realized my FrankenBear was quickly becoming a Zombiemouse.  No worries,  it still came out cute!


The brain was straightforward to me, I essentially made a small cup with the pink yarn.  I then slip stitched right down the middle to give it a divide in the  middle and an indentation.  Next I single crocheted in zigzags on both sides, giving more texture and bulges.  Pretty brain like for yarn!



The body was simple and in the round, I added black stitching for detail.  The feet are crocheted in the round, but I wanted to make little fingers for his hands so I single crocheted in a chain and added the fingers on the ends by doing small chains and slip stitching back.  The only way to hide the ends of yarn was to tie them directly to the body, therefore the arms don’t move.


So in the end the bear became a mouse and I love it.






White Memorial Conservation Art and Craft Fair



Another Saturday, another day spent out doors with my husband and grand father in law.  I was more prepared this time and made even more sales, I’m really looking forward to our next show in a few weeks!

The Cuddle-Fish were a huge hit, but the star of the show was the giant donut, it drew a lot of attention to my mini donuts and I almost sold out!  The major changes I made were having more stock and using silly signs instead of individual tags.

Our host, White Memorial Conservation Center, is a massive 4,000 plus acre property covered in trails designed to connect you with nature.  Near the entrance is the visitor center and museum, with disabled birds of prey being cared for out back.  I can’t wait to go back and explore!



Clocktown Arts & Crafts Fair


My husband and I spent a beautiful day in Thomaston at the Clocktown Arts & Craft fair with his grandfather.

Ken Killer of AKA had been making ornaments for twenty two years, they hand scroll ornaments made of recycled Christmas trees found right here in Ct. We showed off some projects in the works along with finished pieces.  Cuddle-fish, cronuts, and cozy jars were my focus. As the holidays come closer I’ll also be showing some ornaments.
The fair was on the Thomaston Green under the constant chiming of the clock tower.  The weather was brisk but comfortable, the people were delightful and took their time at the table talking and getting to know us.

The highlight of our day was when an eight year old ran up to our table and said “would you like a cup of lemonade it’s only twenty five cents and I deliver!”  Obviously we had to buy a few cups!